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Character: Jackson Blythe | Employment: Waiter | Door: Marvel

Character Info;

Source work and author: OC
Door: Marvel
Character Journal name: ingeniarius
Character Name: Jackson "Bly" Blythe
Character Age: 24
Character Played By: Nicholas D'Agosto

Character History and Personality: Bly is kind of a wet noodle. He doesn't really like making choices unless he has to because there's a gun to his head. He sort of does like socializing, but sometimes he does. What he does like? Is machines.

Bly likes tinkering. He enjoys taking everything (and we do mean everything) apart and putting them back together. Better than they were before. He is almost always fiddling with something just to keep his hands busy. He's good with patterns and repetitions, so he usually has a Rubik's cube in hand. Music is sort of a passion - as long as it's loud with a hard beat, heavy on the guitars, and possessing barely comprehensible lyrics.

Jackson's parents met when they were young. High school sweethearts who fell madly in love at first sight, they joined the army together so they could afford college. They remained in the army after school, her as a doctor, him as an Army Ranger. Both loved their jobs, and were stationed in Virginia for many years. Several years into their marriage, he was called away during Desert Storm. She stayed behind, avoiding deployment because she was pregnant. While in Iraq, he made some very, very unfortunate enemies. They killed him, and she was warned that these enemies were very likely to come after her. A year after her son was born, they did. Terrified for her son, not knowing what else to do, she left him on a bench in a park, wrapped in blankets in a baby carrier, hoping that if she died, her son would live.

The baby was found in the morning by an older couple. Dean had a low sperm count, and Ann had such bad scarring from cysts that they couldn't conceive. They were delighted by the child they found, but worried they wouldn't be able to keep him, did their best to find the parents. When no one came forward, they were given custody of the child and named him Jackson Blythe.

As a child, Bly spent all his time getting into trouble. He pulled apart his mother's cabinets frequently, beating on the pots and pans. Ann learned early to keep all electronics away from her son. When he was two, Bly pulled a blender apart. Ann put locks on the cabinets to compensate, but Bly managed to work the locks off. He took her mixer apart, turning it into tiny pieces. Thinking that he just wanted puzzles to occupy his mind, the parents purchased jigsaw puzzles like they were going out of style. Bly hated them. He didn't want to put cardboard pieces with pictures on them together. He wanted to play with fun things, like hairdryers. Finally, when he was five, he got his chance to get his hands on something interesting. Ann and Dean left him with a babysitter more interested in talking to her friends than in paying him any attention. He slipped upstairs, went into his mom's bathroom, and found her curling iron. He took it apart, he put it together, he made a few small changes to make it more efficient.

In school, Bly was always bored and, lacking anything better to do, pulled pranks constantly. By the time he got into middle school, teachers knew he was the one to watch. When he graduated high school, he ended up going to school at the University of Washington and having some very interesting adventures there. But at the end of his first year, a fantastic invention and a public forum post explaining precisely how particle weapons could actually be a thing landed him an invitation to study at MIT. Though he was behind a year, he made up for it by taking a rigorous schedule and never going home for summer breaks. Graduating from MIT egregia cum laude and an offer for an R&D job at the Pentagon, he thought his life was set.

Then he got sucked into this weird place, with all the (totally awesome) superheroes he's loved all his life. Jobless and mostly penniless, he secured a temp job as a waiter and is desperately applying everywhere in the hopes that his MIT credentials have carried over. If not, he figures he could always build Tony Stark or someone a knife made out of pure particle energy with a blade that never dulls.

Journal/Key: A Samsung tablet running Windows 8, the latter of which Bly abhors, is his journal. His key is an old-timey, steampunk-looking thing, covered in interlocking gears that actually turn. He wants rather desperately to figure out how this perpetual motion thing is working.

External Door items: College degree (BS Mechanical Engineering, BS Nuclear Science and Engineering, minor in energy studies) with egregia cum laude honors, his tailor-made MP3 player, a cellphone that he has upgraded to be even more like a small laptop, his actual laptop, his gaming/engineering rig, one framed picture of his parents, a handful of peanuts, a wrench, one half-used stick of deodorant, two pieces of gum, the clothes on his back, and his wallet (complete with state ID for Massachusetts, $20, his insurance card, his debit card, and a Buffalo Wild Wings member card).


The Boss: Someone willing to hire him to build stuff. At this point, he'll work for anyone, even shady government organizations if it means he can build stuff.
The Jock: A bro, pretty much. Someone who is way more macho than Bly who can drag Bly out of his Batcave hole-in-the-wall apartment filled with roaches.
The Girl(s): Bly? Is bad with women. Really bad. They're just so pretty and intimidating, so he can never get up the nerve to talk to them. But he wants to. A relationship or two, ending whichever way fits (a massive fight, a fond farewell, etc etc).